Thoracic Surgery


Thoracic Draining Chamber

Electronic Thoracic Draining Chamber PALM-EVO


Portable Thoracic Draining systems.

Completely independent systems, as they do not require to be connected to a Hospital vacuum wall.

Easy to use. They are composed of a touch screen that controls suction.

Easy mobility in and outside the hospital.

Both electronic systems together with the traditional draining chamber create a unique solution.

They allow evacuation of air leakage from the thoracic cavity measuring ml / min in historical and real time.

They manage and control inhalation in accordance to the medical criteria.

Commercial Brand: Redax.

Just Commercialising in Spain.

  • Large capacity drainage unit where the water valve is separated from fluid collection chamber
  • Real-time and historical monitoring for air-leak and intra-pleural pressure
  • Patient data always visible in numeric and graphic mode
  • Suction regulation -10 up to -60cmH2O (-1 to -6 kPa)
  • Suitable for adult paediatric use
  • Portable vacuum unit with rechargeable battery up to 36 hours of use
  • Mini USB-key port for data downloading
  • Redax devices are in accordance with all European rules regarding healthcare product trading
  • Marked CE European Directive 93/42 EC and 2007/47/EC issued by TÜV Product Service (Germany)

ELECTRONIC Thoracic Draining Chamber PALM-EVO

Code Description Presentation
10192 ELECTRONIC Thoracic Draining Chamber PALM-EVO

• Package in a zipper bag
• Commercial package 1 units

10125 Thoracic Draining Chamber SIMPLE

• Package in a zipper bag
• Commercial package 4 units

10538 Antibacterial filter

• Package in a zipper bag
• Commercial package 36 units