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Thoracic Draining Chamber

Thoracic Draining Chamber ANEMOS


The Anemos System is composed of draining units used to remove air and/or fluid from the thoracic cavity in pneumonectomy operations.
It provides a balanced draining system that eases the post-surgery procedures.
Commercial Brand: Redax

  • Liquid collection capacity: 2,000 ml
  • Easy to understand graded scale. It allows quick and precise fluid management
  • Solid and firm design of only 25 cm high, which offers stability
  • Practical handles help set and move unit
  • Filtered negative and positive pressure valves so as to avoid contamination
  • Dyed liquids allow easy function distinction
  • Latex free patient tube with cone adaptor for easy connection to the thoracic catheter
  • Single use. Sterile
  • Redax devices are in accordance with all European rules regarding healthcare product trading.
  • Marked CE European Directive 93/42 EC and 2007/47/EC issued by TÜV Product Service (Germany).

Thoracic Draining Chamber ANEMOS

Code Description Presentation
10101 Thoracic Draining Chamber ANEMOS

• Package in a zipper bag
• Commercial package – 4 units