We design, manufacture and market small and/or big volumes of products, components or assembling, packaging and/or sterilization services

We cover each and every necessity of your project in all the stages of the value chain

Together, we analyse your needs and create innovative solutions

Our Value Proposition…

We help you develop ideas

The healthcare environment’s current situation has been touched by strong budget limitations that affect the development and implementation of innovative ideas. We want to be your helping hand on the field. If we work together, we will develop innovative solutions so as to manage the assistance quality in your hospitals.

Together, we design the product

We work side by side in simultaneous engineering, and thanks to our experience in design, we conceptualise your ideas into endless designs and solutions. We protect the solution “Intelectual property”.

Examples of developments together with our Partners are Products and Services in Genomics, Cells Bioregeneration and Therapy, Cryopreservation and In-Vitro Diagnostics.

Our relations create capabilities

Our technological capabilities help us come up with better solutions and, at the end of the day, a better industrialisation. We create moulds and manufacturing processes using highest quality products so as to grant products of excellent resistance and durability. We work on OPEN INNOVATION basis – with institutions that allow us to incorporate new technological capabilities.

We certify all products

Our experience in international regulatory processes is our biggest quality warranty.

We certify, homologate and manage the whole regulatory process of your products.
(Directive 93/42 & 98/79 and Regulation 745/2017 & 746/2017)

We manufacture for you

We own high tech facilities, capable of doing any kind of productive process in conformance to your necessities.

Our technological capabilities allow us manufacture whatever you may be in need of.

Small and/or big amounts of products, components or assembling services such as packaging and/or sterilisation.

We take your products anywhere

Our distributor’s network allows us take your products anywhere in the world.

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

We are really satisfied with Vecmedical company. We have achieved to transform our necessities in real products!