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Artificial Nose Filter OXIVEC

Artificial Nose Filter


Humidity and heat interchange filter
While breathing, the airway heats and humidifies the air that reaches the lungs
In patients with artificial airway, the inhaled air must be at 37ºC/98.6ºF and an absolute humidity of 44mg/lit so as to prevent thick secretions, mucus plugs, bronchospasm and further infections. For it to work, it is necessary to use a secure system, comfortable and easy to apply. They grant appropriate humidity and temperature

  • EVA Transparent tube which contains an LiCL filter (Lithium Chloride) with distal end (15mm diameter) to the endotracheal tube and proximal end (22mm diameter) to the respirator
  • Identifying label for the patient’s name, room and time
  • Not sterile
  • Directive 93/42 CE
  • EN 1041 / EN 980 / EN ISO 9360-1 / EN ISO 15223-1 / EN ISO 11737-1 / EN ISO 10993-5 / EN ISO 5356-1

Artificial Nose Filter

Code Description Presentation
93003 Artificial Nose Filter

• Individual peel-pack package
• Commercial Package 25 units