Steadiness and Experience  make Vecmedical an Innovation referent on the healthcare and in-vitro diagnosis  manufacture.

We have focused on this field’s evolution and development for more than 30 years.

Alongside our customers, multinationals and the healthcare field’s best professionals, we carry out our activity in rigorous accordance to the highest quality and healthcare certification requirements.

Additionally, thanks to using new techniques, more advanced technology and a highly skilled, professional and responsible human team, we are able to answer quickly and efficiently to the various necessities the market demands.

Our customers giving us the maximum confidence in our job being our main target, we offer custom services in our value chain.

Customized and innovative designs and solutions with the capacity of reaching an improved assistive quality for our society.

Our mission

Our patients are our field’s main concern.

Our aim is to support our society’s necessities, not only through premium product supply, but also with initiatives promoting healthier habits, disease prevention and different programs: from better adherence to treatments.

All the industry players, manufacturers, distributors and hospitals, we are all committed to generate quality synergies in order to provide high added value initiatives.


    We work in partnership with rare diseases patients’ associations, by means of initiatives focussed to improve the quality of life of patients suffering such low prevalence diseases.


    We innovate in cooperation with reputed health industry professionals.


    We are founding members of the Catalonia New Health Technologies Cluster and we are also suppliers of first aid products to United Nations.


    We select our travel companions with whom we share the same objective: Innovation.