Surgical Suction


Suction Tubes and Cannulas

Poole Cannula


Cannula specially designed for suction in surgical fields of deep and large caliber, for a safe and efficient suction
Multiple orifices both internally and externally
External orifices are spread to grant the most efficient and safe suction, thus avoiding pulling any tissue
Internal orifices are big and cannot be obstructed by the particles that may have come through the external ones, which are much smaller
Rigid connection in its proximal end, adaptable to suction tubes, thus obtaining a perfect assembly

  • Thermosensitive PVC embodies the chamber, it is malleable and it adapts to the suction cavity without damaging it
  • Great suction power
  • Optional 2 metre tube
  • Sterilised with ethylene oxide
  • Directive 93/42 CE
  • EN 980 / EN 1041 / EN ISO 10993-5 / EN ISO 10993-7 / EN-11737-1 / EN-11135-1

Poole Cannula

Code Description Presentation
91007 Poole Cannula

• Package in a zipper bag
• Commercial Package 100 units

91008 Poole Cannula w/TUB

• Package in a zipper bag
• Commercial Package 100 units